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Bruce Foreman | April 2012

Program For April

Don't miss this one!  If you enjoy seeing pictures of exotic locations you may not be likely to visit, then this program is a definite "don't miss".  If you enjoy seeing another photographers outlook on his environment, this also is a "don't miss"

Robin Wong lives and works in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  In the research I did on Micro Four Thirds for last months program I kept running across his images.  He is one of the few Olympus Malaysia loans pre-production samples of cameras and lenses for him to put through some rigorous testing.  Robin has graciously allowed me to show his work at one of our club meetings.

This is how he describes himself in his own words:

1) I am a photography-enthusiast, not professional. Photography is a hobby. I am a full time Geotechnical Engineer
2) I do "shutter therapy", where enjoying the process of photography is the priority. I shoot on weekends (mostly street these days).
3) I do take in paid assignment jobs, mainly actual day wedding coverage, some pre-weddings, and event coverage (corporate annual dinner, birthday parties, etc). The paid assignment is to fund my purchase of gear (photography is an expensive hobby).
4) I shoot mainly street, macro, and generally a little bit of everything (landscape, people, food, etc)
5) I am (obviously) an Olympus fan, and use exclusively Olympus gear only.
6) I am still new to photography (started in 2008) and have much to learn and improve on !!

With a series of images he did testing the about to be released Olympus OMD E-M5, Robin takes us to the Batu Caves a few miles from Kuala Lumpur, to the Bird Park – an open aviary on the outskirts of the city, a walk through the Pudu district of Kuala Lumpur, the city's Butterfly Garden (to test the new 12-50mm MFT “kit” lens in a near “macro” mode on “insect life”, followed by some shots of “night life” in Bankit Bitang district of Kuala Lumpur, then some B&W street photography.  He refers to this sort of thing as “shutter therapy”

I need to adopt his attitude.  I need some “shutter therapy”.

So don't miss this one.
Program For May
A couple members requested we have a program on macro/close up photography, so that's exactly what we're going to have for May.  Since there is more than one way to accomplish close up or extreme close up photoraphy, I've called on a few members to each show one technique so even if we can't afford one of those high dollar true macro lenses, there should be something in this program that each one of us can use. 

We will have one member showing how he uses a true macro lens and the results he gets from it, another will cover using the “macro” end of longer prime or zoom lenses and how that works.   A third will demonstrate the use of and what results you can get with “close up supplementary” lenses (an often inexpensive route), and another will show the use of extension tubes and how well they work.

So May's program should have some real “nuts 'n bolts” stuff we can take home and use.  For a follow on to that the challenge subject for June will almost have to be “Macro/Close up/Extreme Close up” images.

This program is shaping up.  Should be very informative.

Photo Club Table At “Artwalk” April 19th

We have a table in the lobby of the library downtown for Artwalk on Thursday April 10th,  I'll find out more about display options but right now it looks like members displaying can use tabletop easels (we would have to supply our own) or floor easels.  One other possibility is a display panel the library has that works with velcro strips on the back of the print mount or frame.  I'll go and see what this is like and send out a supplementary newsletter with more details.  I actually used this method to hang framed display prints when I had Wallace Studios.  We had carpet covered walls in the reception area and changing out our display was a simple as pulling one frame off the wall and pressing another into place.

Anyway, our club has a table.

I have pictures of the display panels so you'll have some idea of how to "hang" your pictures.  What I suggest is either a wood frame with strips of the "hook" part of velcro stapled to the back of the frame.  Unless you have a very heavy frame it shouldn't take much.  The other idea is to have your prints flush mounted on heavy artboard and use the self adhesive backed kind of velcro (again just the "hook" part of "hook 'n loop" velcro stripping.

With either method all you have to do is "press" your print against the display panel wall and it will "stick".  When the evening is over, simply "pull" it off the panel.

For Sale Section
Members with equipment for sale can have me list it here.  Send the ad to me at biforeman@gmail.com and I'll post it here.  It's a good idea to list an asking price, this gets a better chance of response from me.

For Sale:  Interchangeable Lens Compact

The Olympus Pen E-PL1 is gone.  Found a new home with my brother-in-law, his Kodak digital camera started getting flakey so I put this thing in his hands and he took to it right off.