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Posted 09-01-2013

CALL FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS -We have been asked if any club member would like to document through pictures the 9th annual Let It Go Recovery Rally and Run this next Saturday, September 7. It will be at the Paseo (S. Oakes & Ave. D)
It is a 1M • 5K Walk/Run • Balloon Release with proceedds going to help those dealoing with alcohol and drug abuse related problems.
Please contact Angelina Osomio at 325-224-3481 or angelinao@adaccv.og if you are interested in participating. Also let the club know here through the comments on how many want to do this! - Thanks, Ken Grimm

Dear Photo Club Members,

My name is Cathye Moon.  I have been a member of the Concho Valley Photo Club since last fall and am thoroughly enjoying seeing
everyone's photographs and learning from the vast storehouse of knowledge present in the group.

I am currently working on a project for my husband's 50th high school reunion which will take place in 2014 and for my 50th which will
occur a couple of years later.  I am trying to compile photos of San Angelo that were taken in the 50s and 60s (or even the 40s and
 If you (or someone you know) have photos from those decades that you would be willing to share, I would be very appreciative.  I
am discovering that photos of the places we knew and loved are few and far between.

I can use the digital files of scanned photos or will be happy to scan the actual prints.  If you scan them, it will work best for my
purposes if they are scanned at 300 dpi and at least 1800 X 1200.  Larger is fine, too, and smaller will work if that is what you
have.  I will appreciate anything you are willing to share.  Please feel free to watermark them.

If you have questions, please email me at

Many thanks,

Cathye Moon


(posted Sept. 27, 2012) The Alcohol & Drug Abuse Council of the Concho Valley is having their 8th annual recovery rally this Saturday (September 29) at the Paseo. Runners start at 8 a.m. and the rally is at about 9:30. We release 2,000 balloons at the end of the rally to signify "letting go" of addiction. We really need a photographer/videographer at the event; the state organization would like to use some pictures (not sure in what context.) Can you or someone you know from the photoclub attend this? We would be soooo grateful! If so, we need someone there by about 7:45 a.m.

Wedding photographer needed

(posted August 18, 2012) Photographer sought for outdoor wedding in Christoval near the Christoval Winery on the river. For date, time and other details please contact Mary Francis, 830-460-1078.

Sonora Caverns field trip planning

(posted August 18, 2012) Sonora Caverns will rent the cave system for photography purposes, and the rate is fairly reasonable. The cave must be booked in advance for this special opportunity. On normal tours, only small cameras and absolutley no tripods are allowed. If you are interested in the chance to take your equipment down into one of the most beautiful cave systems in the world for several hours uninterrupted, please attend the next meeting in September and voice your interest. As this develops more will be posted.

(posted Sept. 7, 2012) I was wondering if the Downtown Association might open up the Roosevelt Hotel to the photo club BEFORE they begin tearing out the old.  I would love to see/take pictures of that piece of San Angelo history before it is changed dramatically.  I don't know what insurance issues would be involved, nor do I know if it will still be "as is" by the time it cools off a bit to where the heat wasn't a factor.  Does someone in the club know?

Cathye Moon

9/9/2012 -- Cathye, Pam Miller is going to set up an opportunity for us to do this. As soon as I get word from her on the date and time, we'll get that info out to the club members. She is thinking about an evening and a morning session, about 2 hours long each, so all bases can be covered. Thanks! — Ken


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