Specifications for images used by the site

Submit your images for inclusion on the cvphotoclub.org site

Send your images you would like to submit for use on the club's website to kfgrimm@suddenlink.net.


General specifications for images:

All images 72 dpi resolution, no CMYK color modes. All web formats (ex. jpg, gif, png) are OK.

Animated gifs accepted as long as they are not too large in file size (keep it short and reasonable).

Please send quality images. If they are too pixilated, they may be rejected for inclusion. We want the site to look sharp, to showcase the best we have to offer.


Image positions and sizes:

Logo: Top of page — Width: up to 700 px.; Height: 95 px.

Logo: Bottom of page — Width: 350 px.; Height: 55 px.

Challenge Sliders (animated slide show): Width: 575 px; Height: 287 px.

"Welcome" area (area of homepage from "Welcome to..." to just above "Recent challenges"): Width: 300 px.; Height: Minimum 87 px, Maximum 200 px.

Latest News icons: Width: 75 px.; Height: Minimum 64 px, Maximum 125 px.


Specifications for images to be projected at meeting

Specs for images to display on projector at club meetings:
Width: 1024 px; Height: 768 px. This is the native resolution of the projector.
Width: 1338 px; Height: 892 px. This is for full frame on the projector.

Latest news

Sample image

Web site undergoing major redesign

The Concho Valley Photo Club is undergoing a major web redesign to better serve its members. Many new features are being added daily, so check back often to see what's cooking!

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Sample image

Shutterbug shout-out corner

Looking for a photographer for that special occasion? Need a model for a shoot, to try some new techniques maybe? Field trip opportunity? Here's the place to meet up...

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