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CVPhotoClub.org committed to meeting member's needs

The Concho Valley Photo Club is committed to the enjoyment and success of anyone that wants to learn the art of photography in all its various forms. The web site is a place to share resources, war stories, blogs, techniques, tips and tricks, places to shoot, gallery showing opportunities, news reporting, and offer the members a place to show their work to each other and the community at large.

Member-controlled web galleries

An exciting new feature to be implemented soon is the ability for a member to create and administer their own web photo gallery. There is no limit (within reason) of number of images that may be uploaded and shared. Of course, any images uploaded need to be at least PG-13 (no nudes, no matter how "artistic" the interpretation.) The club maintains the absolute right to remove any image(s) at its discretion.


Members are encouraged to share their blogs or links to blogs they find useful with the club members. Bruce's Photo Blog, Patrick Dove's award-winning "The Upside of Down South" are currently available.


Latest News

Members can check the site for the latest club news or happenings in the photographic community. The club only meets formally once per month, so check the site often for the most up-to-date news and photo opportunities!


Latest news

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Web site undergoing major redesign

The Concho Valley Photo Club is undergoing a major web redesign to better serve its members. Many new features are being added daily, so check back often to see what's cooking!

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Shutterbug shout-out corner

Looking for a photographer for that special occasion? Need a model for a shoot, to try some new techniques maybe? Field trip opportunity? Here's the place to meet up...

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