Ken Grimm

Ken Grimm is an avid photographer loving all aspects of the hobby. Sports action shots, street photography, marketing imagery and photojournalism are current subjects of interests.
He is currently serving as the president of the club and welcomes any and all people that are interestedin the hobby to join in and have fun as a member of the Concho Valley Photography Club!

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Here are ken's challenge photos for august - "historical"

Bonfire time

Each year the Angelo State University ROTC students host a huge bonfire during homecoming week to gin up excitement for the big game.
The fire is staged on ASU property that borders Knickerbocker Road. The ritual ignition and the resulting flames are a sight to see. Reaching high into the sky, the flames perform a choreograph of life for the large crowds. 

Pearl of the Conchos

The "Pearl of the Conchos" statue — a beautiful mermaid holding a Concho Pearl adorns the Concho River that runs through downtown San Angelo.
This photo replicates the Kodak Porta 400VC film - which gives the photo an orange cast with enhanced contrast. This version also has some blur applied to the background area to enhance the mermaid figurine even more. 

Elmer Kelton: A San Angelo legacy

Prolific western novelist Elmer Kelton is memorialized in the well-known mural in downtown San Angelo.
The photo has been taken with an infrared sensor which shifts greens to white and blues to reds. In landscapes the result looks like a snowstorm on an alien planet.  

Fredericksburg who?

This sidewalk in the historic Concho Avenue district of downtown San Angelo harks back to a friendly time with welcoming architecture and old-time signage. 
The photo replicates cross-processed Fuji Provia 100F film which gives the scene a heavy green/cyan cast.

The San Angelo Riverwalk

In February 1992, San Angelo sold itself to its own residents when an AIA Regional/Urban Design Assistance Team (R/UDAT) was invited to town.
That weekend was a turning point for the future of the city. The downtown river walk (seen here with the Celebration Bridge over the Concho River), the river stage, Paseo de Vaca, walking bridges and so many other significant developments that have revitalized the city can be traced to that day.
This photo has all color channels but the red and cyan removed emphisizing the stone work and the red of the Texas flag and the top of the Cactus Hotel.