Tim L. Vasquez

A former U.S. Navy Corpsman and a retired Paramedic. I have  gone through several cornea transplants in the past few years with the most recent in 2010. With my vision now stable, I am loving the fact the I can see God's wonderful creations like never before. I spend much of my off time capturing West Texas in ways maybe you  have not seen before. I love capturing sunsets, sunrises, landscapes, architecture, nature, and the beautiful wide open spaces West Texas has to offer. I am still expanding my platform, style, and following, and prefer to share my photography via social media and through events in my community.  


Morning Run

 One of my favorite places to not only spend time away from the daily stresses but also a great location for photography. With the ever changing seasons,  activities, wildlife, bird migration, etc. Lake Nasworthy has much to offer.


even more.